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Matcha Basque Cheesecake (GF)


Matcha flavored anything is an immediate "yes, please!" for us to try. However, we are always looking for non-artificial tasting (or colored) matcha desserts that have the dreamy balance of creaminess and classic smooth, sweet and nutty matcha flavor. Oh, and leave out any bitterness too -- how matcha desserts should taste. Our Matcha Basque Cheesecake was created to meet all of our demands. Like all of our other Basque Cheesecakes, there is no crust, so you still get the same unadulterated creamy texture, but also a beautiful green color from the pure Japanese matcha powder that will conjure thoughts of spring during any time of the year. With matcha's nutritious vitamins and anti-oxidants, can we also call it healthy? Also, while it's gluten-free, you'd never know! 

How about a pairing suggestion? That's a no brainer - coffee or tea of course! We've also paired it with a nice glass of milk, making it reminiscent of a matcha latte.

Don't be fooled by its seemingly petite 6" size! It happily serves ~6 people. Great for any time of day or occasion; people even love it as a birthday cake.

Ingredients: Cream (Milk), Cream Cheese (Pasteurized Milk and Cream, Cheese Culture, Salt, Guar Gum, Carob Bean Gum, and Xanthan Gum), Sugar, Eggs, Organic Japanese Matcha Powder, and Starch. Contains milk and eggs. Item is not processed in an allergen-free or certified gluten-free facility and therefore may contain trace amounts of gluten, tree nuts, or peanuts.

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